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My name is Andriyana Tsenova. I am Bulgarian and I stay in the town of Balchik. This is a Black Sea coastal town. I think this place is a piece of Eden.I am an artist and I make OOAK figures. OOAK stands for One of a Kind. Some call these figures dolls, some – sculptures. The predominant name for them is One of a kind (OOAK) art dolls.These figures are unique, single items.Art dolls are objects of art, rather than children's toys.In traditional sculptures and in conventional doll-making the clay original ,made by the artist is usually not for sale. The clients buy the copies, molded in metal, glass, porcelain, vinyl or other materials.In One of a kind (OOAK) art dolls the client buys the original.
My figures are made of polymer clay. I have my own technique for mixing it.All materials I use for creating my figures are made exclusively for OOAK art dolls. This makes them long-lasting and strong.
The height of the sculptures is usually 8-9 inches (20-22cm). Everything is handmade, including the painted eyes. The eyes are 3-4mm big.A number is assigned to each piece and it is signed by me.
I sell my sculptures all over the world.You would see on my website a small portion of my
 art – either sold on auction or being auctioned at the moment.I do not publish figures made by order, because privacy is part of the OOAK idea .